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Frequently Asked Questions

Trip Detection

Your trip must meet minimum distance of 1 mile or 3 minutes of driving and speed of 10 mph to count (e.g., moving your vehicle from the street to your driveway is not likely to qualify as a trip).

Make sure your location services setting for the Streetwise™ Mobile app is turned “ON” to the highest setting and set to “Always On.” Android GPS location services at the highest settings is required to capture trips. Please do not have your “power save” mode turned on as this will affect trip capturing. Make sure your phone battery is charged. The app stops collecting driving information when the battery level reaches 25% to conserve your battery. On iOS, make sure to accept the “motion and fitness” permission. For Android, make sure to accept the permission to access “media and files” so trips can be displayed in the app. If trips are consistently missing or recorded incorrectly, we want to know so we can investigate the issue.

You can remove the trip and it won’t be counted toward your rewards.

There are a few reasons your trip may not have been captured correctly in the app:
  1. It may have taken a few minutes for the app to recognize you’re driving which may have caused start locations to be slightly off.
  2. If you lost cell phone reception, details of your trip may not be recorded.
  3. A trip is registered and displayed 10 minutes after driving speeds are no longer detected. If you were driving, stopped for less than 10 minutes, then started driving again, it would've counted as one trip.
  4. A number of things can also affect the precision of the GPS signal your phone receives. For the best results place the phone in a stable position.
  5. We only use reliable GPS data, so you may find the mileage recorded by the app for some trips is less than your actual mileage driven. If the app keeps recording trips incorrectly, we want to know so we can investigate the issue.

The App and My Phone

You will need to download the app again and enter your user ID and password to continue to earn points.

  • iPhone – iOS 9.0 and above with devices iPhone 5s and above
  • Android – OS 5.0 and above
  • The app is not currently designed for Android tablets or iPads

We designed Streetwise to use the least amount of data possible. However, you should closely monitor your data plan if you’re concerned about exceeding your data limits.

No, for your safety, please don’t interact with the app while driving. As long as your phone is on and adequately charged (at least 25% of battery power), trips will automatically be detected.

My Data and Privacy

The app collects data that can help us reward you based on your driving, including your hard braking, speeding at 80mph or higher and what time of day you're driving. For information on what data is collected, please see the app data details.
For more information on Streetwise, visit
Your Streetwise membership will automatically be suspended after 30 days of inactivity in the app. To cancel your membership immediately, email and uninstall the app.

Streetwise Rewards™

Once you download and use the Streetwise app and begin driving, you’ll start accumulating points right away. Points are automatically added to your account just for signing up and for every trip you take.

It’s easy to redeem points for deals on popular products and services. To get started:
  1. Tap the “Redeem Points” icon in the Streetwise app found on the “home” page and in the “offers” section
  2. Accept the Terms of Service to begin shopping

Rewards points are available for redemption for as long as the app is installed and you are an active member of Streetwise. To remain an active member, you must have recorded a trip within the past 30 days. If at any time you become inactive, you can reactivate your membership by taking another trip. Once your membership is reactivated, any points previously earned will be reinstated.

Your points balance displayed on the dashboard screen is updated daily. In some cases, up to 48 hours may be needed for your points balance to reflect earned and redeemed points from the previous day.